Dear Sacred Heart Family,

We have missed you being home here in our parish church, the home of the Family of God under the love and protection of the Sacred Heart.  Welcome home!

As we welcome each other home, please remember:

As disciples committed to upholding the sanctity of all human life, we must act in accordance with our beliefs and make sure that when our churches are open for prayer and for Mass, we do not compromise the health and safety of anyone who visits.

I am very sad and uncomfortable about issuing a list of rules like this; but it is an absolute necessity at this time.  Our Christian faith is not self-centered, not about what “I” want to do.  It is other centered, about the health and life of others.  It is Christ centered - about others living, loving and celebrating our faith in Jesus Christ.  Following Jesus Christ is not about what “I” want, it is about what others need.

The Archdiocese following the example of medical authorities has given us guidelines that we must follow for the health and safety of others.  This pandemic is so very strange, so contagious, and so dangerous, it is necessary to take great precaution because we respect life.  On one hand I do not want to ask this of you, but I love you and have to ask.  So please forgive me, but I must ask you to follow these rules:

Starting June 8, 2020

  1. If you are experiencing the slightest symptom or think you might be or have been recently near someone who has, then stay home; if you are here now, please return home immediately.
  2. You must be symptom free for the past 14 days.
  3. If you have any significant medical issues, especially respiratory &/or heart issues, cancer or other serious or chronic conditions for your own safety stay home; if you are here now please return home immediately.
  4. “Stewards” will monitor the church when open, one at the entrance and one inside, others as needed.
  5. The only entrance will be the side door nearest the rectory and parking lot.
  6. When you enter a Steward will give you a squirt of hand sanitizer, you must use it.
    a. If you can bring you own hand gel, thank you BUT the Steward must witness you using it.
  7. You must wear a mask at all times (except very briefly for communion)
  8. You must sit 6 feet apart at all times (couples or a family unit may sit together, but 6+ feet from all others)
  9. There will be a limit of 75 people in the church at all times, no more; others will have to wait outside in line, keeping 6 feet apart, in the pews. [during Mass ONLY, additional clergy and Mass ministers permitted]
  10. If there are people waiting outside the Stewards will ask you to limit your visit.
    a. Please remember there are others who want to come home and pray, please respect them.  We are so sorry that your visit may be brief.  Soon we hope it will be much better.
  11. Please stay far away from our live stream equipment in the center front and surrounding pews.
  12. No roaming/walking around, please take your spot for prayer/Mass and remain in that one spot.
    a. For Stations of the Cross please use the outdoor stations in front of the Parish Center.
  13. No prayer at the communion rail.  The problem is sanitizing and disinfecting – we ask you to be humble and pray only in your pew; it is much easier to keep everything clean, healthy and safe for others – thank you.
  14. No touching ever of any statues, shrines, communion rail, etc.
  15. No touching of walls, tables, windows, etc.  Again it is a matter of sanitization.
  16. No leaving of any paper behind, anywhere; it is porous and thus a health hazard – missalettes are removed.
    a. Read, study and pray this handout, then take it home with you.
  17. Take everything you brought in -- out with you……..Please!
  18. Please bring your own cleaning supplies: NO CLOROX or any BLEACH = it destroys the finish on the pews.
  19. When you enter, you must bring a small container/bag with several wipes (in zip lock bag) OR clothes & cleaning solution and after your prayer/Mass you must clean the area around where you were sitting/kneeling within 3 feet in both directions of your spot: the seat, back rest, the back of the pew in front and the back rest of the pew in front plus the kneeler where you knelled and where you touched it to raise or lower the kneeler; any and every other spot you touched or might have touched.
    a. We are very sorry about this but it is very difficult to find such supplies and without your kind and loving help in this manner it will be impossible to open at all – the government requires cleaning each personal location after every use …….. we really need your help.  Thank you.
  20. Use the restrooms only in case of an emergency, that can’t wait till you get home.  The concern is again sanitization.  Thank you for your cooperation.

My friends, this really hurts, all these regulations, but I understand they are necessary.  They are directly from or inspired by the L.A. County Health Department and State of California.  The Archdiocese of Los Angeles and I, your pastor, are cooperating fully with government health agencies and experts to save lives.  Please do not see these rules as restrictions but rather as live giving, loving gifts to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Changes are happening every day.  Please watch our website for more information.
Please visit:   www.sacredheart.cc 

Welcome Home!

We missed you and are delighted you are back home, even if there are a lot of rules.  Welcome Home, we love you!



Rev. William T. Easterling

The dispensation to attend Sunday Mass continues till further notice ✞